Some disorder's bound to get me.

"May joke ako."

“Poets are always taking the weather so personally.”

—   J. D. Salinger (via themaraudersaredead)

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Eventually we’ll fall asleep, and dream about these past three weeks,
Or lie awake and dedicate, our thoughts to finding what it means,
But when it is all said and done,
I can’t think of anyone else,

Nothing is just as it seems, at least that what it seems to me,
And everybody has a path, but some will walk reluctantly,
Well you can throw your map away, 
Cause I’ll be here another day or two

Hope will take its toll
And ignite your soul

We were told as we grow old, that one day we would find ourselves,
But as we aged, everything changed, and we were locked by different spells,
Well love is such an abstract art, 
And we each have a different part to play

They will find that overtime, that they can’t help but play along
And as we wait they hesitate, for fear that something may go wrong,
But when the smoke has finally cleared,
Things are not just as they appeared,

Hope will take its toll
And Ignite your soul

For the Met Open 2014, five curators focused on the following themes: abstraction, painting, seriality, pop culture, myth and symbolism, abbreviated in this section. The MET’S first open exhibition consists of 208 artworks selected from 520 entries. More than half are two-dimensional artworks, one-third are sculptures, with installation, performance and media-based works of photography, video, and ceramics.

The public exhibition runs from September 22 - October 4, 2014 only. Proceeds from the sale and a special auction shall benefit the exhibition and educational programs of the Museum.

For reservations and inquiries, contact Desi at 708-7829 or email You can also visit their Facebook page for updates on free guided tours here.

“You look me over as if you could touch the colour of my eyes. You will only know from a distance because proximity will deny your faith. If you keep very still you will catch a glint of the islands floating around my iris. If you don’t move you will have paradise unfold right in front of you. But alas, your single breath was enough to devour this speaking. Oblivion. Fold your garments into bundles and drop your gun down. Now tell me. What is the colour of forgetting?”

—   Lani Maestro, Still


Takeru Sato - Ssword fight rehearsal for Rurouni Kenshin

Like father, like son.

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“His heart wasn’t as beautiful as his smile.
We emotionally manipulated one another
Until we thought it was love.
Forgive me, I was lonely so I chose you.
I am a lover without a lover
I’m lovely and lonely
I belong deeply to myself”

—   Warsan Shire (via zenthou)

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"Too many people our age are more about ticking boxes."

I live my life through a ticking clock.